The reality is eventually ALL basements will have issues. From (in lieu of weather) water in your basement, sump pump failure, wall & floor cracks, or even interior drain tile systems, no job is too big. With over 20 years of experience our work is guaranteed for life and your basement will thank you for it. EcoDry products are 100% environmentally safe and our prices are eco-nomical!
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Wet Basement & Foundation Waterproofing

At EcoDry we are the experts when it comes to wet basement, leaking walls cracks, leaking basement floor, water seepage, structural repairs, interior drain tile systems, exterior drain tile systems, yard and drainage solutions, sump pump replacement, battery backup replacement, basement window solution, preventative maintenance service and crawl space solutions.

EcoDry will provide you with a permanent solution for any or all of your foundation issues. We do not use sub-contractors. All of our employees have been hired and work directly for EcoDry. We stand behind our work with the highest level of integrity. Call 815-919-8024 or click below now to schedule a free and professional basement evaluation.

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Causes of a Leaking Basement

Leaky Basement diagram

1) Mortar Joint

Many homes in the Chicagoland area have foundation walls constructed of something other than poured concrete, such as cinder blocks, bricks or stone. These types of basement wall construction pose additional challenges in keeping your basement dry and your investment protected. Eco Dry has the solutions for waterproofing even these types of walls.

2) Sump Pump Failure

At the heart of your basement waterproofing system is a sump pump. This keeps water flowing away from your home. If the sump pump fails, the drain tile and window well drains can backup, resulting in several inches of water in your basement. A reliable sump pump and a battery backup pump are a must in keeping a basement dry. The battery backup is designed to start when the main pump fails or you lose electricity.

3) Foundation Wall Crack

Wall cracks are the most common cause of basement seepage, particularly with poured concrete walls. These are the easiest to diagnose. If you have this problem, it must be addressed quickly or it will continue to get worse over time. We offer many options to permanently seal the cracks in the foundation walls. The type of repair that best suits your cracks will depend on the size of the crack or type of cracks that you may have.

4) Porous Concrete

Porous concrete usually occurs when the concrete has not been thoroughly mixed and the cement has not covered all of the gravel within the mixture. This can cause vulnerable areas in the walls itself that can allow water to seep into the basement. If the areas that are damaged are relatively small, they can be repaired on the interior side of the wall.

5) Window Well

Water leaking through basement windows will occur if water is permitted to accumulate in the window well. The entire window well can fill with water and eventually the pressure of the water will break the window and cause extensive water damage to your basement.

6) Tie Rod

Tie rods are used as a brace to hold forms in place when pouring concrete foundation walls. Upon completion of the foundation the rods are patched from the outside of the basement walls with tar. As the surrounding area is back filled with rocks and dirt, the friction can remove the tar from the wall. Without the tar, the tie rods will leak causing water damage to the basement.

7) Pipe Penetration

During the construction of your home, the water and sewer lines are placed in the foundation walls. Quite often these holes are bigger than the lines themselves, resulting in excess space. To prevent water seepage, hydraulic cement will be placed in the opening around the pipe. After time, this cement can crack and cause water to seep into the basement. An inspection is needed to determine the proper type of repair.

8) Floor Crack

Often water can build up under the basement floor of your home. This hydrostatic pressure can cause damage to your basement floor and can push water through cracks in the floor or at the cove joints. When this happens, water will enter the basement, and not only create a large mess, but can also cause costly clean-up or restoration.

9) Floor Drain

When rainwater inundates a sewer system via drain openings on the street, that water can backup into a home’s drainpipe. This can result in serious flooding, with several inches or even several feet of water entering the basement through the floor drain. This type of flooding can also cause serious health concerns if rainwater mixes with sanitary sewer wastewater.

10) Cove Joint

Another common type of below grade water seepage consists of water entering the basement where the wall and floor meet; this is called the Cove Joint. A drainage system is the only permanent solution to prevent this type of seepage. A drain tile system collects water before it reaches the cove joint and channels the water into a pit where a sump pump then pumps the water back outside and away from the home.

11) Over top of Foundation

If water is coming in over your basement walls, the first thing we do is identify the source, whether below or above grade level. To do this, we will perform a water test on a dry day. Once the problem has been identified, we can determine the appropriate solution to prevent future leaks.


Foundation Repair

At EcoDry we repair foundations everyday. Over time foundations settle and as a result walls will crack, doors and windows will stick shut, and floors may become unlevel. These are all common signs of foundation settlement. With EcoDry in your corner, there is no need to panic. We use the DynaPier® system to completely repair a home’s foundation. In fact our piers are so strong that after installing our foundation piers, the foundation will be stronger than it was when it was originally poured.

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