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The DynaPier® System

The DynaPier® foundation piering system is engineered to be the best foundation pier on the market. It is one of the only piers that combines the strength of concrete and steel. Most other piers are constructed of either concrete or steel and can not compare to the strength of the DynaPier®.

How the DynaPier® System Works

The DynaPier® system is installed directly beneath the footing which transfers the weight load on top of the foundation pier. Piers that are installed outside of the footing do not transfer the load to the top, which creates more points of stress and failure.

The DynaPier® will also achieve the greatest depth. By driving the pier all the way to bedrock or hard strata, this eliminates settling problems from soil conditions. Other piering systems rely on friction from the soil to hold them in place. Guess what happens with the change in soil conditions? The piers will settle causing foundation settlement. This is why so many piering systems fail which causes the homeowner additional foundation repairs.

Our pier segments are interlocking, and stack on top of one another. After one pier segment is driven, the next segment is attached and the process is repeated to the point of resistance. Remember each of these segments are constructed of steel and filled with high-strength concrete providing superior strength.

The foundation pier is then topped with a steel cap, shims are installed, and the house is lifted and secured to the foundation pier.

Home Foundation Repair

The result is a foundation that far exceeds the home’s original structural integrity, making your foundation better than new. Call EcoDry to schedule a free foundation repair estimate today!

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