The reality is eventually ALL basements will have issues. From (in lieu of weather) water in your basement, sump pump failure, wall & floor cracks, or even interior drain tile systems, no job is too big. With over 20 years of experience our work is guaranteed for life and your basement will thank you for it. EcoDry products are 100% environmentally safe and our prices are eco-nomical!
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Foundation Repair Chicago

Foundation Repair Chicago from EcoDryAt EcoDry we repair foundations everyday. Our certified team of professionals can repair all foundation problems. In our 20 years of repairing home foundations, there is not much we haven’t seen. We understand that foundation repair is stressful to any household, so we cater to our customers needs and provide solutions to repair the home for good.

What Causes Foundations to Settle?

Most homeowners will have foundation problems at some point. Whether there is water in the basement, cracks in the basement walls that leak, cracks in the drywall or ceiling, doors and windows that stick shut, or unlevel floors. No matter the problem, we have the solution. But what exactly causes the foundations to settle? There are many factors that will cause a foundation to crack and settle over time. Two big factors are soil conditions and weather. When, soil is wet it expands and when it’s dry it shrinks. Swelling soils put hydrostatic pressure on foundation walls, eventually the concrete will crack and can leak if severe enough. Often times, the soil is simply not strong enough to support the weight of the house and sections of the home will sink.

Foundation Pier Comparison

Take a quick look at some common foundation piers compared to ours. Notice our piering system is concentrically loaded, meaning it is installed directly beneath the foundation. This eliminates any points of failure. Also, our pier is driven all the way to bedrock or hard strata. This means it will hold up no matter the soil conditions. Also, our pier cap contains the shims internally, this means they will not slip and cause failure. Finally, our pier does not require any drilling into the footing. Any pier that requires drilling into the footing will potentially weaken a foundation and is more likely to fail. Learn more about our piers here.

Foundation Pier Comparison for Common Foundation Piers


The Solution

Each home is different in what it will take to repair the foundation. At EcoDry we offer free foundation repair estimates for homeowners. We will meet you at your property and do a full evaluation of your property to let you know what it will take. We will provide a quote for any problem, whether it be a leaky basement, cracks in the walls, etc. For foundation settlement, we use the DynaPier® system to completely repair a home’s foundation. In fact our piers are so strong that after installing our foundation piers, the foundation will be stronger than it was when it was originally poured. No matter the problem we can help!

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