Why can’t I just put hydraulic cement or mortar over the crack to waterproof it?

  • January 22, 2015
  • Tips

When water is entering the basement, some homeowners may try to plug the crack with various different things. The most common product I’ve seen used is hydraulic cement. In some cases, this may temporarily stop the water from coming in. The problem that arises is these products will not permanently stop the water. When these products are applied, they do not fill the entire crack from the inside of the house to the dirt on the outside of the house. When it rains in the future, the water still gets into the areas of the crack that did not get sealed by these products. The rain pushes against what was applied to the inside of the wall and makes it weak, eventually rubbing it off and allowing water to return inside. The reason Eco Dry provides a permanent solution is because our products fill the entire crack from inside the basement all the way outside to the dirt and from the bottom of the crack all the way to the top. Eco Dry Guarantees all cracks repaired by us to be free of any seepage for the remainder of the structure’s life. For a free home evaluation, contact Eco Dry today.

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